Social Mission & Transformation


Fundraising through FOOD - Gold of Syria

Since April 2019, we had organized 7 fundraising events to promote Syrian cuisine and this long term project has demonstrated success in empowering marginalised groups. Through the sale of lunchboxes, £1,700 was raised and was used to get Syrian refugees in Woking into employment and independent living. The funds supported them to pursue driving license applications and purchase equipment for hairdressing and catering businesses, access to jewellery courses and even bikes to get to work!

The food was prepared by a Syrian refugee, Ebrahim, so the events offered a platform for him to gain experience. Volunteers helped with the meal preparation so it was also a place for others to learn about the crisis in Syria and to help with the fundraising by showing generosity and kindness. Local small businesses were usually invited to the event to promote themselves so there was a positive impact from collaboration and supporting local businesses and charities with similar vision.

Ebrahim is now based in another local Social Enterprise cafe locally.

If you would like to donate to this cause, please visit this link. If you would like help with fundraising through food, please get in touch.

GoRendang CIC provides homecooked, nourishing and comforting meals to marginalised individuals and families suffering from food poverty and insecurity in Woking as well as empowering them into independent living by providing a platform to learn, gain confidence and

sense of belonging within the community through our social mission events and fund raising projects.


Life Skills and Hospitality Training

In January 2020, we offered a cookery training support in CAP Life Skills course where participants had the opportunity to learn new recipes and ways to produce healthy, delicious and affordable meals from scratch which can be easily prepared at home.

From September 2021, we will continue to expand this mission by continuing to work with CAP to offer hospitality training to long term unemployed individuals over 24 years old who are interested in the hospitality and catering industry. The chefs we are planning to recruit will be running the catering at a lunchtime café held at Welcome Church, Woking. Once a week community members come to the church to
receive advice and training about eliminating their debts and other services. The people coming to the CAP sessions are often living in poverty, so the café will provide a hot, nutritious lunch for
them and a safe space to build relationships. Members of the homeless community and anyone who is struggling with poverty or displacement (refugees) are also welcome at the café to receive lunch. The chefs will be trained to make the food for the café and run the kitchen. As a result, they will gain employment, skills and work experience, whilst providing food for others in need.


Hot Meals Provisions

Since the start of the COVID19 pandemic in May 2020, we have been working with Foodwise, churches and Woking Council to provide temporary hot meals provisions to people within our community who are marginalised and struggling in food poverty and insecurity due to lack of facilities, capabilities and resources to prepare meals.

Due to the increasing needs, Sumicooks and GoRendang's satellite kitchen also based in Woking have come on board in January 2021 to help prepare hot meals to the community in Woking/Guildford. Our kitchens have been inspected and chefs have been trained and are familiar with Food Standards Safer Foods and Hygiene operating procedures. Therefore, we are now providing a wide range of Malaysian, halal South Indian and International cuisines through this integrated support model.

From 8th March 2021, this mission is supported through funding from Community Foundation. In addition, when you order our takeaway mealboxes, 10% of sales also goes towards one of our social mission as well. You can follow our Facebook page or subscribe to our newsletter for the weekly menu.

If someone would like to get in touch to arrange some meals, the simplest way is to to approach Welcome Church, by emailing, to be referred to us. For volunteering opportunities, please get in touch with us as well.