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Why volunteer?

Have you ever volunteered? Maybe as a child in school, Rotary Club or as part of DofE programme? Or in your kid's school, sports and activity clubs, charities, community projects, church? If you have, what is your experience?

For me personally, I have been volunteering at the Cosy since 2017 and have reaped a wealth of experience through knowing and working with people from all walks of lives which is so fulfilling and rewarding that money can't buy. Whenever, I'm at the coffee counter every Monday morning (that's the reason GoRendang is closed on a Monday), I am always excited not just by the aromatic smell of the fresh coffee beans (grin); but to see who (new or familiar faces) turns up at the coffee shop. I had never imagined it can be such a delight to serve, even small cappuccinos and espressos to others because those are no ordinary coffees. The profits from the coffees transform lives of those whom the organization I volunteer for supports.

Back to business, besides catering, we are very keen in a social mission to provide hope and support to marginalised individuals and families in poverty/crisis (including refugees) transition into independent living and employment as well as to serve other community needs by modeling love your neighbour as yourself through fund raising food projects for example Gold of Syria. This project involves volunteers whereby without them, the project will not be a success.

Through working and volunteering together, we hope to create a platform for anyone to gain experiences, sense of belonging to the community, cultivate awareness of social issues and needs, putting others before ourselves by practising generosity and kindness and the opportunity to work in a diverse team for teamwork and multicultural experience.

These are some of the comments and testimonials from some of our amazing volunteers whom we so love and appreciate.

"It is a joy to be able to give time to others and volunteering. As an additional reward you meet extraordinary people with inspirational stories. Even if tiring, it gives a bounce to your step and a filled heart." - Simona

“It started as a way of helping out my friend, Mel, especially when I see the worthy cause that she is involved with and how it can be a real blessing to others. I have met lots of lovely people, and spent a fun few hours.” - Elaine

"Firstly, my volunteering heart was born out of the joy and love to serve Christ. It is totally humbling, purposeful and driven by passion to serving the needs of others and where joy overflows in doing so. Whilst volunteering, a force is actually behind the energy, perpetuation and results – are all 'others honouring'. It creates a personal connection with people, to see their smiles and warmth as their needs are met – regardless of social and economic background, age or language. Through serving, I get to show others that they are loved and valued, just like how I know I am too. It is also using the skills I have for a greater purpose and there is no payment required because someone’s experience through you can manifest into many greater things unseen and it is always for good. Volunteering is perfect space where love, joy, peace, forebearance, kindness, patience, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control manifest together for the glory of God. (Galatians 5:22-23). Would I volunteer more, as long as I am able and the intention is right, 100%." - Rachel

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