At approximately 3am last Sunday, I was awaken by a sharp pain in my right eye as if it had been pricked by a thorn. I couldn't open it properly for a few days and it was incredibly sensitive to light and hence I had to take an unexpected time off work which actually allowed me some time to rest, reflect and recharge. Couldn't bear looking at the screen so was fortifying my hearing sense by listening to audio books recommended by my bestie. It did do me, my ears and eyes, very good!

It is in moments of quietness and slowdown that allows me to seek and search for God's grace and as God never breaks promises, I was blessed by all of His consuming fire to produce even more fruits. The aspiration to have a new normal post lockdown, a new season with increased hope and faith, different from what it used to be has quadrupled.

I rather be still in the Lord than to run hastily ahead of Him,

I rather seek His wisdom than my own narrow understanding,

I rather be dependent on the Lord than depend on my limited strength,

I rather proclaim God's grace than to acclaim all success are by my works alone,

I rather give thanks even in times of difficulties than blaming others and the One above!

I rather seek everlasting joy and peace in the Lord than temporary happiness the world can offer,

I rather kill sin than to allow distorted views of worldly desires to reign my life and hold me captive,

I rather trust in the Lord's providence than a wealth of fortune controlling my lifestyle,

I rather conform to God's standards than unhealthy cultural expectations,

I rather secure my identity in Christ than of the world,

I rather receive freedom in Christ than freedom in the deluding world.

I rather be bold in serving the Lord than to retreat to my comfort zone,

I rather be stretched and tested than to remain idle and complacent without growth,

I rather have a few faithful friends in the company of the Lord than a big family of pretentious unity,

I rather persevere in the Lord for He is faithful than taking short cuts to quick unethical wins,

I rather be a sheep who hears the Lord than a strong and mighty lion.

I rather dwell in God's spirit than obliging in legalism,

I rather surrender my weaknesses to hope in the Lord than the deception that I've done everything right,

I rather seek repentance than justification for my self righteousness,

I rather have a difficult life with God,

than enjoying fleeting pleasures without authentic faith at all.

Each one of us has a choice in this life,

But often people are blinded by delight in wickedness,

Grateful for the thorn as it has reminded me to be wise,

to always chose light and truth over darkness.

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