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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

I was at my yearly church camp over the weekend and I took the opportunity to have a phone fast, unplugged from social media and even social messaging (ok maybe the few responses to 1 or 2 messages) for 5 days and wow it was amazing! To be absent from the noise, overwhelming media posts, information and news (true or fake) overload was a good move to help me focus on what really matters. I didn't even take any food pictures which was unusual! However, I got to spend time and enjoy conversations with old and new friends face to face. Even the kids were not on their tablets (because we didn't bring them) which was fab. Back to old school!

Although camping was never my thing but for doing this the 4th time proves that the whole experience was worth it. It was also a short adventure of how we can live a simple and minimalist lifestyle with just the basic clothing, 1 small bulb in the tent and 3 torches to help us navigate in the dark.

My highlight of the camp was the people and reaffirmation of God's deep love for me. I have been a Christian for decades but it's only the last 10 years that I've started to have a deeper personal relationship with God. Everyone wants to be happy, who doesn't? But in chasing happiness, we never realise that it's actually conditional because it is built up of elements of idolisation and materialism in the forms of possessions, wealth, health, beauty, status, career, approval from others; that makes one happy. If we loose any of those, happiness is threatened. It is not wrong to be blessed with wealth but when it is the ultimate goal to happiness, then that becomes an issue. 3 years ago, I discovered "happiness" through pure joy. I lost my career and a big chunk of income, but I felt a deep joy and peace in my heart ever since. It's insane that anyone can feel joy after loosing some security but I can only attribute it to God's work and His gift of heavenly joy for me. I didn't have to earn it and I'm not looking back to life with more collection of "things" because the joy already given is sealed with eternity which no one can destroy. The good news is there is no quota because anyone who knows God can experience joy. How generous He is!

"Galatians 5:22 the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness,


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