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Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable, environmental friendly, plastic-free, eco-friendly - these big words have been ringing in our ears for the last couple of years.

We are aware of the detrimental impact single use plastic has on the environment so as a responsible business and consumer, we are doing our bit in not to create more problems to others ie the environment. Plastic and heat don't go very well together due to the plastic chemical reactions to heat, so we have never been keen in serving hot meals in plastic containers. Therefore, we are constantly on the look out and always try our best to source for non-plastic and recyclable packaging for our meals. Although they are costlier than standard plastic takeaway containers but the impact on environment is less and therefore worth investing. We do review and replace our packages from time to time but rest assured that are our choices of packaging are usually (in no particular order):-

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Recyclable or compostable in the food bin


No taste transfer

Food safe contact

Refrigerator friendly

Good quality

Also, we do not pass on the costs to our customers. We hope you will love these packaging too!

Recyclable boxes

BePulp plant based bowls can be disposed in food bins

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