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Struggles in the Holiday Season

Families who are in the poverty line are worst hit during the long school holidays season. While we can moan about the tiresome childcare and the imperfect weather during our holidays abroad, those on the opposite side of the spectrum have real life struggles such as....

1. The need to provide additional 1-2 meals to school-aged children.

2. Lack of finances to purchase school uniforms for the next school year.

3. Parents' reduction in working hours due to childcare which leads to less income for 6 weeks (most won't be able to afford holiday clubs nor private childcare services). This would mean they will have less money to serve the basic needs such as food to their family.

It is just heartbreaking to know that some children might go to bed hungry or malnourished. Therefore, during this holiday, why not think of someone whom you can show kindness by cooking or giving them a meal once or twice or other forms of support that you can think of. It could be a school mum, someone in the neighbourhood, church or local groups who would need such help.

We pray that during this period of insecurity and anxiety, the families impacted will have peace and hope in their hearts. We pray for grace and kindness to be extended to them and that they may trust God who is the eternal provider and comforter.

Pix credit to Creativ Light Photography

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