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Plastic Free July

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

As we have decided to take on the Plastic Free July challenge, we also came to realise how dependent we are on plastic. Food businesses do use quite a number of plastic and while we must confess that we won't be able to bring our usage to completely zero level in one month but we will try our best to look into every possible replacement or swap of single use plastic. These are some of our best practises that we have undertaken since day 1 of our business 3 years ago.


1. Use eco-friendly food boxes and good quality reusable containers for frozen meals instead of single-use plastic takeaway containers.

2. Use paper takeaway bags.

3. Encourage customers to bring their own containers or we deliver meals in our own containers whenever possible.

4. Swap single-use condiments for large bottles that can be refilled (eg soy sauce, vinegar, seeds, spices, salt, and pepper).

Eco-friendly food boxes by Biopac


1. Bring reusable coffee cups for take-away coffees.

2. Bring reusable shopping bags.

3. Bring own reusable water bottle instead of buying new ones.

4. Buy fruits and vegetables loose from the local green grocer whenever possible.

Refilling our goodies from Refill & Refuel using our reusable containers

Pledges & July Challenge

1. Avoid buying juices and crisps in plastic packaging. Purchase those in boxes or bottles.

2. Swap more single-use condiments for large bottles that can be refilled (eg cereals, pasta). 3. Buy more vegetables loose which are not wrapped in plastic packaging (eg cucumber, broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, whole fruits).

4. Use Beeswax Wraps instead of cling wraps.

5. Refuse plastic straws.

The above challenges, though not a huge list but definitely manageable and achievable for the month which we believe is enough to keep us busy for now. We hope you will consider taking up the challenge too!

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