Lockdown Memories

Found this in my draft and was contemplating if I should post because although at the moment I'm feeling slightly different from what was documented below but thought I'd share the memories as keepsake anyway.


When I wake up every morning, I thank God for yet another glorious day, The abundance of love and hope He has filled me with,

Are overflowing with so much peace.

Thank you Lord for the lovely daisies on the fields.

While many are self isolating in comfortable homes and gardens, There are many others who are trapped in fear of domestic violence, And many, oh so many, are crying out in brokenness.

Overcrowding refugee camps, there is no way social distancing can be observed, We pray O Lord that you will cast your protection over these situations. Let's not waste this unique time of testing, It's so easy to step out of this phase without learning anything.

Let's not just moan and groan in our own little bubble, Merely exercising our thumbs by scrolling and indulging in posts that don't even matter.

We either retreat to hide or we fight, But in the latter we will be better together. The past 3 months of exposure to risks, It's definitely not by my strength but His, 2 Timothy Four, Seventeen to Eighteen, Lord Jesus, there's no other than you who has shown greatest grace and mercy.

***23rd March 2020 - 30th June 2020

Grateful amid this climate that most of us in the UK still have access to some sort of technology at home. I'm just wondering what people did 100 years ago during the Spanish flu pandemic. With online live broadcasts, we have managed to exercise with Joe, walk, cycle and dance, abundance of musical instruments playing, regular family meals at the table and playing board games as a family. Surprisingly, I have also jumped on the bandwagon by increasing my confidence in baking and the time has also allowed the children to step up with home learning responsibilities and time management, contributing to some household chores and learning life skills and most significantly, a time for everyone to slow down, be still, reflect, repent and refresh. Every moment presents much opportunities to practise patience, gentleness, perseverance, compassion and self-control, not just with family members but with a wider circle within the community.

Although it all sounds nice but not everything went well. Despite lots of challenges and frustrations but choosing to look at the positive outcomes gives one hope. However, these aren't permanent so right now in July, I'm ready to move on to the next phase and so is the business to respond to ever changing needs. Looking at the greater hope, the promise and the bread of life where people will not hunger.

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