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Hot Meals Provision

Since January 2021, Sumicooks and a new setup of GoRendang's satellite kitchen also based in Woking have come on board to help prepare hot meals to people within our community in Woking and Guildford who are marginalized and struggling in food poverty. Our kitchens have been inspected and chefs have been trained and are familiar with Food Standards Safer Foods and Hygiene operating procedures. Therefore, we are now providing a wide range of Malaysian, halal South Indian and International cuisines through this integrated support model. A variety of meals have been prepared ranging from heartwarming ratatouille, chili con carne, bangers and mash, Malaysian chicken satay to delightful pilao and mouth watering biryani. So grateful and blessed with the new team.

We would also like to share a piece of good news that we have now received funding from Community Foundations in order for us to continue with this mission where needs are increasing as reported on BBC today. Therefore, our justgiving page is now closed. We are very grateful for the support from all who have raised £2426 in 2020 and together with partnering with Foodwise we have managed to deliver 1500 meals.

Here are some of our clients' feedback.

"Thank you so much for your continuous support, the clients are very happy with the food provided. It makes a great contribution as it encourages them to eat healthier and also puts a smile on their face. We have some clients that do not know how to cook, therefore, the food is very much appreciated. - Rox, 2021

They always enjoy your food and we always get great feedback for the residents. The residents always say how grateful they are and how touched they are that there are people that still care about them regardless of their circumstances. We really appreciate your ongoing support. - Rox, 2020

Hi. Really wanted to message you and say a huge Thank you from myself and my daughter. Your food has helped me in more than just being hungry, it has lifted me emotionally a lot again. Thank you.x️️️ - G

Aww God bless you. In return, if you need any help I can do please let me know. That will be my honour. You fed me in those days when I had nothing to eat. - S"

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