Healthy Diet for Cancer Care

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

There is abundant of information about diet for cancer patients online but I've consolidated an easy reference list for me to refer to whenever I need to cook for some of my clients and friends who are suffering from cancer. Being a survivor myself, I understand the importance about consuming appropriate healthy dietary during the period of treatment, remission and recovery.

Big YESes to...

Colourful vegetables especially dark green and deep yellow vegetables

Citrus fruits

Wholegrain like brown rice and pasta/wholemeal bread




Lean meat like chicken

Fresh salmon

Cooked eggs


Plant based milk like almond and oat

Green tea

Garlic, onions and ginger

Herbs like thyme, rosemary and oregano

Spices that contain high antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties like turmeric, black pepper and sumac

Food that are not great for cancer

Processed and tinned food

Fried food

Ready meals

Instant noodles

Commercial frozen food

Commercial bottled sauces and pastes that contain artificial flavourings

Refined food like white rice/pasta

Salads (due to cross contamination)

High salt and sugar

Raw fish

Raw nuts

Red meat



If you have occasional cravings, be lenient, don't beat yourself up for slipping once or twice. It is not just all about adhering to strict discipline physically but it's also prudent to be gentle in the management of mental and emotional wellbeing.

Hope this helps and if you are a cancer sufferer, I will be praying for your healing, peace and strength during this difficult battle. Sending lots of love to you Rach and others xxx

Mushroom soup (garlic, onions, thyme and almond milk)

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