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Happy New Year 2021

Every 365 day of 2020 was a blessing and the best on its own. If I have to summarise it, it will be illustrated by this simple image which represents a multitude of LOVE, GIVE and JOY.

Friends and strangers approached the enterprise on how they could help and support the social mission and this heart, not what fancy meals it has produced, has been the fuel and highlight of the year. Although there were setbacks but I won't dismiss the whole of 2020 because when I analyse deeper, it actually produced much fruits, more than any other normal years. I have personally attended 2 online funerals and have lost a few friends within a span of few months in 2020 but in Jesus, we have HOPE that death on earth is conquered.

Daily providence, dependence, grace and hope in Jesus is what we need. Aligning to His standards and not cultural expectations, joy in giving and peace in suffering because if 2021 restores many lives back to the new normal, there will still be many who will continue to suffer. Many will not agree that blessings can exist in sufferings because the secular perception of blessings equate living life in material abundance but actually it is quite the contrary. The reality is at some point in life, everyone will encounter hardships. Therefore, may 2021 be a year of many more blessings, joy, peace and hope even in the midst of sufferings.

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