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Gold of Syria

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Mid 2018, I was inspired to diversify and to incorporate other cuisine into my weekly menu and at the same time to use that as an opportunity to give something back to an area of need in the community. Just to share that when I started GoRendang, I have never desired to shape it towards becoming a highly profitable business. From a business, economics and entreprenuer's perspective, I am already a failure but that's alright! Anyway, it took me a while to gather the thought, plan and to meet the right people who will be able to work out the idea. 9 months later, like a new birth, it finally materialised but it wouldn't have happened without the various individuals across different organizations and cultures who came together to work as a team.

So on the 23rd April 2019, GoRendang collaborated with Sumicooks, Woking Council and The Lighthouse to launch Gold of Syria. The objective is to introduce Syrian cuisine to the community in Woking and to raise funds for the victims/refugees. The project name, “Gold of Syria” is inspired by the fact that every Syrian's homecooked recipe is as unique as gold and the Syrian refugees in Woking shouldn’t be regarded as merely victims of the crisis but have plenty of talents and skills to contribute to the UK. This project hopes to instil a sense of belonging, acceptance and love by the community in Woking as well as to empower women and men to volunteer and run small businesses through cooking or other skilsets. We led this project working alongside a team of Syrian volunteers. We sold 100 lunchboxes at the Lighthouse and raised £300. Language barriers did not stop us as we had Google Translate, such awesome technology!

This is not the first and last, as I'm looking to run more of it :)

Lunchbox Menu at the Lighthouse

Cooking with the volunteers

Honoured to have the project exhibited at photographer Annelie's photo exhibition

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