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First GoSyria Social Report

Gold of Syria, launched in April 2019, is a fund-raising project that supports the Syrian refugees in Woking back into employment. Funds are raised through selling lunch boxes prepared by a professional chef from Syria, who was forcibly displaced due to the ongoing civil war in his home country. When we started this project, we weren't sure of the quantity of lunchboxes we could sell and the success rate which indirectly means how much we could raise and how much would be sufficient to support the cause. There were doubts.

Without giving up, we ran it 3 times anyway and in November, the first £100 has been used to help an individual towards application of driving lessons! We did a quick check on the latest cost of driving lessons and was shocked to learn it could cost to about £1500 to complete all lessons! So any help and funding no matter how small does help especially to refugees who really need some financial assistance to kickstart a new life, to be empowered to be economically independent and employable in a foreign country.

We are very grateful if you have supported this project in any way to bless others in need. To continue to see more lives impacted, you are welcome to join us at our last lunch event for 2019 on the 10th December. If you prefer to contribute financially, you could also visit the giving page. Enjoy your Advent!

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