Facing your giant

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

GoRendang is now 3 years old. During these period, I've managed to spend a lot more time at home with the children while managing the business alongside. Although there is no fixed monthly income and paid holidays but the perk of having the liberty to take the time off whenever I needed to execute other priorities is exhilarating and priceless.

When I was in my full-time employment, my kids had to attend after school care. That would mean they were away from home between 8am-6pm almost 5 days a week. This is probably the norm in other parts of the world but it isn't the lifestyle I favour. My daughter used to complained about that for more than a year. So, a couple of weeks ago she broke the silence by saying if it wasn't for her, there will be no GoRendang! I think she got that somewhat and partially right...

My previous career and financial stability were a major part of my security for 18 years. I never knew how I would have felt if I did not visit the location of my previous employer a couple of days ago. The environment and vibes reminded me so much of the highlights in worklife and at one point, I wasn't sure if I had made the right decision to quit corporate life. I believe everyone must have some sort of fear in their life and one of mine was probably that. It was like a big invisible giant which I couldn't see nor admit that it was actually at the back of my mind all these time. Thankfully after facing that fear, I can now confidently share that there are no regrets. I have learned that life is about choices and making the right decision and not about swimming with the current nor jumping on the bandwagon.

I'm not sure how others conquer their fears but these are some of the actions I practice in my life which I hope you would find them useful.

1. Face and conquer your giant, your fears. It is not impossible, they can be defeated and they are not as powerful as you think because fear is not permanent!

2. Be grateful and thankful for something every day. Thankfully, I get a lot of reminders about gratitude from my collab partner Faith too.

3. Don't fret over things that we can't change (the family we are born into, our outlook features) but take control over things that we can change (our next steps, perception of life, our attitude and character).

4. Always have hope. For me, my hope lies in God.

5. Dismiss distraction as it is a way to shift your focus, so stay focus!

"Breaking free from fear and stepping into courage is critical, because you cannot steer a stationary ship - Simon Holley, Sustainable Power".

Just discovered this lovely rooftop garden at Canary Wharf, location of my previous employer

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