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Jacinda @Satellite Kitchen

As announced back in January 2021, we have appointed a new chef at our new GoRendang satellite kitchen which has been inspected and approved by Woking Environmental Health Department. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Jacinda who helps prepare community meals specialising in international cuisine.

"Hi there, my name is Jacinda and I have recently joined GoRendang CIC on their charitable mission to provide meals for those experiencing difficult times. Fortunately, I LOVE cooking (and baking) and during lockdown have had ample opportunity to engage in both of these! Also, fortunately for me I also enjoy running and cycling which compliments my other hobbies of cooking and baking nicely!

Whilst I am, on a professional basis a Business Development Manager in the SaaS industry, I am currently looking for full -time employment having been made redundant last April due to COVID 19 but regardless, I wanted to get involved with GoRendang CIC knowing that there were so many in need of help and I had the means to help them.

Becoming a Satellite Kitchen for GoRendang CIC has been exceptionally rewarding and I look forward each week to putting my creativity and cooking skills together for a really good cause. I also wanted to give something back to Welcome Church as they have provided me with such great support.

Keep safe and stay positive!


GoRendang CIC"

Thank you Jacinda! It's so good to have you as part of our GoRendang CIC and Welcome Church family!

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