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Can we eat the entire Pumpkin seed?

One of the best way to diversify our food and nutrients intake is to consume seasonal vegetables and fruits. Pumpkin has always been our highlight in October. A large pumpkin costs only £2 and feeds aplenty. Over the weekend, we made pumpkin, pineapple and prawns curry. With zerowaste in mind, we roasted the pumpkin seeds which can be used as sprinkles over salad, soup or cereals. Absolutely no waste!

At the beginning, we pried each seed but after a while, we were discarding a whole lot of shells and not getting very much of the seeds and that made us wonder if we can eat them whole. The answer is YES and eating the whole pumpkin skin has lots of benefits.

Apparently the peel can be used for facial treatment too but no, we didn't try that. Has anyone done a pumpkin facial?

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