Last night, I was driving on my own on a very dark, narrow and winding road for about 2 miles. It was a route that I wasn't familiar with and for someone who doesn't have perfect eyesight although I had the right vision correction in place, my eyes still needed to work very hard to ensure I focused and stayed on track. To begin with, I drove very slowly, probably 30mph relying on the white reflecting dividers on the road. But then, when I realised there were no oncoming cars, I turned onn the headlights and started to accelerate because I could see the destination ahead of me. I stopped minding the divider, probably didn't even stay in lane since I could see where I'm heading. Just then when there was an approaching car, I turned off the headlights and decreased my speed concurrently otherwise I could crash. During those moments, I just thought that when things seem stalled and quiet which can be demotivating and depressing, just know that the Lord is still beside me, walking and guiding me to the final destination which is meant for good. If I wanted to jump ahead by myself, I do have that choice but I may be looking for trouble (the potential crash). There are situations we can control but there are many we can't. Who do you depend on in situations which are beyond your control? I've been reaffirmed to believe and wait on Him.

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