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Back at Some Point!

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Gold of Syria, an event to promote Syrian cuisine which successfully ran 6 times since April 2019 where profits from sales of lunchboxes are used to fund Syrian refugees in Woking into employment and independent living. 

Approximately £1400 were raised and some of the funds have been used to support at least 8 individuals for driving license application, barbering and jewellery courses, purchase of equipments for hairdressing and catering businesses and even a bike to get to work! The food is prepared by a Syrian refugee, Ebrahim, so the event offers a platform for him to gain experience. Volunteers are recruited to help with the meal preparation so it is also a platform for others to learn about the crisis in Syria and to help with the fundraising by showing generosity and kindness. Local small businesses are usually invited to the event to promote themselves so there is a positive impact from collaboration and supporting local businesses and charities with similar vision.

Due to covid, we have not been able to run this event and we are so missing it but we will be back at some point.

Meanwhile, if you opt to donate directly to this cause, please visit this link. 100% donations go directly to the refugees.

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