Updated: Jan 2, 2020

"What year were you born in mummy?".


She stared at me.

No doubt generation Z finds the 20th century population who only started using mobiles in their 20s are comparable to people from ancient times. 19xx is just non-existence to them.

It was in year 2000 when I felt an unknown source ignited my desire to look abroad.

In 2005, I arrived in the UK.

2010 was a checkpoint demanding a decision to either move back to my birth country or stay in England. I stayed, with some plans in mind but God had a different plan! He was and is still trying to knock some sense out of my former mundane ambition by turning my life around into an exciting and thrilling journey which is out of my comfort zone. But because He has shown my family so much grace amidst all the trials and tribulations, gave me what I needed not what I wanted and displayed how dependable He is, I knew then in 2000, the source of my desire was from God (Hebrews 13:5).

Scrolling through my photographic memories of the the last 10 years, the following have made a personal impact in my thoughts and perspective in life.

- The emergence of social media and artificial intelligence have managed to compete for our attention and have indirectly altered our communication skills and human behaviour for better or worse.

- The rise and fall of nations, heading in opposite directions but both are empowered by greed, selfishness and hunger for human supremacy and power.

- Awareness of special needs among children and adults and that success is not solely defined by achievements, wealth, status, possessions, beauty as all these will eventually fade away. "Your pride will overcome you", my tween intercepted the last minute and how true!

- Unethical businesses partake by many who earn profit at the expense of others who are ignorant or vulnerable.

- Natural disasters and catastrophe which are causing climate emergency and lack of water and food in some countries while food waste is increasing in other parts of the world .

- Rise in world hunger, homelessness, poverty and mental health issues.

The baby boomers and the previous veteran generation didn't have much and hence to be successful, they had to work very hard, essentially live to work to make ends meet. These values were instilled in subsequent generations. From 2020, no doubt the world will only become more progressive with acceleration of epic and advanced technology in the wealthy countries while the poor countries will be left behind. Gaps between the different social class will become wider if people inherit the same mentality from the veteran generation. There's nothing wrong with yearning to be successful but as times have changed, with the sufferings that are right under our noses, should we continue to live our lives just focusing on our personal benefit and interest while letting the world pass us by choosing to turn away from the rising needs surrounding us?

What then will be our aim in life in the new decade? Peace vs prosperity? Acceptance vs rejection? Unity vs division?

Lots to think about. Nevertheless, I'm excited because I know that even through the worst of times, there is hope in the Lord!

Happy 2020!

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