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Weekday Family Meals

Our mission is to serve homes & community by satisfying tummies, hearts & minds through good F.O.O.D in a sustainable way.  We support local businesses by buying as much of our supplies locally, benefiting customers and the economyAlthough majority of the spices, herbs and ingredients used in Malaysian recipes can now be found in Surrey, there are some which still needs to be sourced externally but we are constantly searching for local suppliers so that we could increase our local purchase to 95% in the near future. We do not use MSG, artificial flavourings nor additives as we are conscious about the ingredients we use in our meals. Being this picky for good reasons, about 96% of our pastes and sauces used in our various recipes are homemade from scratch with fresh ingredients. They are chilli pastes, curry sauce, chilli sauce, ginger sauce, peanut sauce, sambal, just to name a few. We use pure sesame oil, good quality soya sauce and pink himalayan salt whenever possible in our cooking. This shows how meticulous we are in selecting only quality ingredients from the market. The menu changes weekly and is frequently reviewed and updated on Facebook or get it emailed to you directly by signing up to our weekly newsletter.

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Bespoke Catering Services

We also offer pay-it-forward (meal vouchers or buy a meal for others), private cooking/catering (chargeable hourly) for special diet, a la carte orders, small party catering, supply of sandwiches and canapes for any events and occasions. Download the menu and if you need more clarification and bespoke catering, please just ask!

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