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COVID-19 Response

Dear all,


I am taking this time to write to you on how GoRendang is responding to this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Like everyone else, I have personally gone through the stages of nonchalant to start with thinking it was just another flu or cold which gradually transpired into anxiety and exasperation after having to drive around various towns to get catering supplies from the supermarkets and wholesalers. I have now come to reality that this is a time to respond with faith and love instead of fear. Therefore, with immediate effect, my team and I will continue to deliver meals to the community particularly to those who are vulnerable and struggling to prepare meals due to health conditions or economic situation, NHS staffs and key workers.

We are aware of the great needs out there and we know we can't solve everything because we believe God is still in control amid the epidemic in our country but having been around charities and discussing with a few front line workers and volunteers, we have come up with the following action plan.

- Pay-as-you-feel healthy homecooked mealboxes. The menu will be tailored according to the ingredients we can get from the stores but we will guarantee it to be a balanced meal which can also be easily reheated. Vegetarian option will be available. However, if you feel you can afford financially, we would appreciate a suggested contribution of £5 per box (reduced from original price) so that we can sustain our business and to support the local community even more. #loveyourneighbour #supportkeyworkers #zerohunger #homelessness

- Pay-it-forward enabling people to buy meals for others who are vulnerable and struggling to prepare meals, marginalised or as appreciation to NHS and key workers.

- Deliver essential supplies subject to availability.

- Collect prescriptions from the pharmacies.

We are also supporting other charities concurrently and if their needs increase, that will take precedence which means we might not be able to cater on certain days because we are trying our best to respond to the situation which evolves daily.

Food are prepared from our home kitchen which has a 5 star hygiene rating, compliant with the UK food handling and safety standards and allergy requirements and in this particular case, have stepped up in cleaning measures including disinfecting all surfaces and door handles and will be able to offer contact-free delivery in Woking. We are also aware of the crucial need to self isolate if anyone in the family becomes symptomatic.

How to place order?

Weekly menu will be published on FB or feel free to subscribe here to receive weekly notifications. 24 hours notice is required and we have removed other order restrictions so there is no minimum order but we can only accept limited quantity per day depending on the ingredients we can get. Bank transfer payment is preferred. Just message us on or 07410 377 817 to discuss and make arrangements of your needs.


To pay-it-forward as a gift, please visit this page as we are working with The Lighthouse, a social enterprise on this initiative.

Also, let's do ourselves a favour by not scaremongering each other by only sharing content from reliable sources such as the links below in order to keep us all informed of the situation. 

Public Health England

World Health Organization

Take care, stay safe and we will be praying for you.

With love,

Mel (14 March 2020)

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