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What We Do & Our Menu

GoRendang, a homecooked Malaysian cuisine specialist, began in 2017 and offers weekday family meals, mealboxes, and small private catering. Our mission has evolved over the years, and we have participated in various social causes and events with interest and passion. That subsequently led us to setup the company as a community interest social enterprise called GoRendang CIC (Co. No. 12865905) in September 2020. Our menu changes weekly and is frequently reviewed and updated. As a champion for responsible and healthy eating, our meals do not contain artificial flavourings nor additives. Therefore, about 96% of the pastes and sauces like chilli pastes, curry sauce, chilli sauce, ginger sauce, peanut sauce, sambal, just to name a few which are used in various recipes are homemade from scratch with fresh ingredients. Prices are affordable from £8 per meal or pay-as-you-feel. 

Meet Mel

Mel is the Founding Director of GoRendang. Born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and relocated to England in 2005.


"...that was how I decided to step out of my comfort zone of 18 years in the IT industry to setup this business in Woking ....."

Events, News & Social Mission in our Newsblog

News and stories of our gastronomic adventures which include food fun & facts, events, business updates, social mission and blog posts. As we work with adults at risks, we take safeguarding concerns very seriously. We review our safeguarding policy yearly.


“Absolutely great taste! It is a lifesaver for me, especially when I'm homesick. I have ordered the dishes many times now and so far the Hakka pork is the winner!! The frozen meals are so convenient and taste delicious as well!!! A solution to my hectic schedule!”


—  Hoy Li

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